Understanding what your customers love
 creates meaningful intent-driven customer engagement. Brand Wisdom is an evidence-based approach to content planning that delivers real insights.

A better approach to market planning. At its core, Brand Wisdom AI analyzes brand, industry, trade, competitive content and keyword data identifying the most relevant and monetizable topic – with audiences clustered around them. Topic data is visualized through the Brand Wisdom Platform to display the brand’s best “macro topics” along with “micro topics” best suited to drive engagement. One seamless, easy to use platform that is the foundation of effective and efficient acquisition planning.

Brand Wisdom’s topic map is the data foundation of any really effective and efficient marketing plan. It allows for an alignment of cross-media strategies and content creation strategies around the most monetizable topics for your brand. Now, you can transform content marketing into performance marketing through a new type of topic data that becomes more predictive over time.

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