Is Programmatic Plus a unique solution?

Yes. This is real contextual marketing and it is an industry first. Unlike other “contextual” networks (including content syndication networks) who focus on only one aspect of the equation, they fail to deliver critical parts of the contextual equation, undermining efforts to deliver meaningful KPIs.

Marketers define contextual marketing to mean the right person, right time, right message, right place. This is a complicated formula that requires a holistic tech approach. And that’s exactly how we designed the contextual network in Programmatic Plus.

Only Programmatic Plus takes a holistic view of contextual content marketing because our technology integrates data to determine the “right topic message,” contextual engine to deliver the message in the “right place” across channels; dynamic, programmatic topic-based ads for the “right time” on relevant pages for the genuinely interested “right person.”

What is Programmatic Plus?

Programmatic Plus is the first programmatic content marketing platform that combines the power of content marketing to engage with the capability of programmatic media to scale. Our proprietary technology has three modules or components;

1. Brand Wisdom is our brand topic mapping data solution that identifies the most leverageable topics (not keywords) that can power acquisition and performance based marketing.
2. Our contextual RTB engine then finds where these topics are being discussed “in the wild” and matches ads to the context of the page – all dynamically.
3. The Eden engagement platform creates a holistic user experience where audiences can gather around a topic; allowing brands to continue the topic based conversation leading to a sales or conversion.

We are the first platform to take the power of contextual advertising to a new programmatic level.

So, how do we define content marketing?

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” —Content Marketing Institute

What’s our secret sauce?

Our proprietary, patented algorithms let us see beyond the words and topics on a page to actually understand why someone is reading a particular piece of content. Our contextual engine analyzes billions of pages of content to recognize the contextual alignment associated with them, including brands.  Only through Programmatic Plus can advertisers understand their audience’s intent thus effectively pinpointing the most relevant pages, sites and videos: where your message is most likely to be acted on. The benefit to advertisers is that they can take advantage of programmatic media to scale content marketing with the efficiency of an integrated data, buying and engagement program (pun intended).

How does Programmatic Plus work for branding and awareness?

Absolutely. Content marketing provides the engagement platform that advertisers need to drive branding and awareness. It is also the foundation for all performance based marketing requirements such as lead generation and sales. Programmatic Plus provides an organized and scalable platform to plan and execute ROI driven content marketing programs.

How do we define our contextual ad platform differently from the others?

Contextual marketing means right person, right time, right message, right place. This is a complicated formula that we have spent years developing to get “right.” While there are many ad platforms and ad networks, most only focus on one part of the contextual equation. Some ad networks focus on the “right person” part of the equation via cookie or demographic targeting, ignoring the crucial “right time” element. Other ad networks focus on “right message” using keyword matching yet keyword matching can often misfire so ads can end of up pages lacking in contextual alignment. Programmatic Plus is the first contextual exchange that takes a holistic view of contextual alignment, applied in the programmatic world:

Right Person: We contextually find people who care about a topic

Right Message: We use a custom data layer to understand the right topics/ message

Right Place: Our programmatic technology delivers advertising in the right channel – native; mobile; video

Right Time: Through real time ad placement, we can ensure “real time” relevancy placing advertising to those audiences who care about the topics

So while other platforms deliver part of the contextual equation – we deliver real contextual campaigns that are right time, right place, right person and right message.

What is the benefit of Programmatic Plus?

Our core technology is designed to power productive, ROI driven content marketing campaigns through an integrated data and media placement platform. This integration, unlike any other in the business, matches the right ad to the right content on web pages within the programmatic exchange. With our ability to identify which topics users care about and then place ads that are contextually aligned with the content on the page – all in real time – provides advertisers with jet fuel to soar with their content marketing efforts.

How can customers use Programmatic Plus?

Business moves at the speed of content distribution and Programmatic Plus delivers campaigns that drive real business results based on topics. We are the first contextual ad network that can solve many business challenges:

Business moves at the speed of content distribution and Programmatic Plus delivers campaigns that drive real business results based on topics. We are the first contextual ad network that can solve many business challenges:

DRIVE NEW AUDIENCES TO WEBSITE: Create scalable and predictable engine for driving net new audience traffic to your website or landing page destination

DRIVE HIGH QAULITY CONTENT ENGAGEMENT OUTCOMES: Deploy content campaigns at scale with meaningful KPIs to get your story out through contextually matched ad placements for the most authentic and relevant user experience

CREATE INBOUND LEAD FLOW AND/ OR CONVERSIONS: Drive outcome-based, performance campaigns that have clear results like leads or sales

OWN A TOPIC: Leverage real time news cycles so a brand’s advertising can be everywhere a core news topic is discussed. This is especially useful for PR, crisis management or investor relation campaigns.

How does our technology contextually match ads to relevant web pages?

Our contextual tech stack was created to deliver the best contextual capability to deploy effective content marketing campaigns. Here’s how we do it:

1. We create a custom data layer to define contextual topics to activate brand audiences by reading and indexing billions of pieces of content every day. We use our own streaming machine learning to build and refine advanced topic models based on our content index.

2. Using this data layer, we use our algorithms to score the relevancy alignment of each impression to decide if the impression is useful in a specific client campaign.

3. If the web page matches our contextual alignment data, then we dynamically place a topic based ad on these topic pages. This process can be used to leverage news cycles to new product introductions.

How we're different from other content marketing platforms?

Our 360° understanding of the contextual tech stack brings a programmatic performance marketing to a new level. In short – we created the contextual platform to deliver the whole “contextual enchilada” – right message, right time, right place and right person. We use our data tech to deliver contextual and actionable insights to help brands shape the “right message” that motivates the “right” audiences. We identify pages where these topics are being discussed to deliver matching ads in the “right time” to the “right person” with the right mindset. The final piece, the outcomes, are created through our engagement hub platform where we build interactive experience that bring it all home to a measurable KPI.

How are we different than other programmatic media platforms?

Today’s ad networks are based on the old tech paradigm of reaching audience through demographics or keywords. More than that, this drives the wrong of behaviors where ad networks are trying to optimize their platform by chasing CTR or CPC metrics but not meaningful KPIs. By contrast, we designed our technology from the ground up to be brand friendly, agency profitable and outcome oriented. That is our strategic difference but the most amazing differences lie in the details of Programmatic Plus:

Complete budget and media transparency. Our fees are above the line so advertisers know exactly how much of their budget is going into market. Plus we don’t arbitrage so advertisers can see their inventory and how much it is costing

Bigger than native. We are a cross channel programmatic platform so we are not just a “Shiny new object” channel – whether it is today’s “native” or mobile video. Our access to the RTB exchanges and networks means we can select the best inventory from a wide variety of content centric players – from native to mobile and video.

Better than keyword matching. Some networks are able to place ads that match keywords on a page with an advertiser keyword. While it sounds cool at first glance, keyword matching can misfire badly when the context of the keyword on the page is wrong. Looking at the keyword “nursing” for a Pharmaceutical campaign as an example will highlight how often the word nursing can be used in brand irrelevant contexts.

More Accurate than content syndication. A popular option for content marketing, content syndication networks can deliver impressions at scale but don’t deliver real engagement with engaged audiences. Why? Because their “topic classifications” are so broad they rarely align with the real context an advertiser cares about.

Liberation from demographic-based buying. Many advertisers struggle to define demographically based profiles because many campaigns are “demo agnostic” – not easily confined to a core demographic. This is the case with almost all B2B campaigns and many B2C programs too. Our technology can transcend the limitations of demographics to attract audiences based on topics they care about.

Why are keywords and demographics not enough anymore?

Technologically, it sounds cool to be able to use keyword matching or to be able to identify audiences within the digital world. Practically though this “flat” approach to digital contextual targeting does not allow for the rich interplay of right time, right place, right message and right follow necessary for true contextual matching and optimization. Keyword matching can misfire since words can be used in many contexts many of which are not useful for brands. Demo targeting does not take into account the real time mindset of audiences. Programmatic Plus is engineered to capture and operationalize the contextual equation of programmatic content marketing.

What is our process?

Programmatic Plus integrates multi-channel advertising, (i.e. native, digital, content syndication and video), to deliver high-quality, 100% in-view media that reaches your ideal audience when they’re in the right mindset. Our process to achieve this level of outcome-based programmatic content marketing is:

Step One: We create a custom data layer that identifies topics that can drive the right audience mindset to take an action

Step Two: Dynamically match audience interest, topic related message on the most contextually impactful pages

Step Three: Optimize media through engagement metrics with client defined destinations and/ or our engagement hub.

Step Four: Analytics on audience mindset throughout their conversion journey to define content that encourages sales

Is engageSimply an agency?

No. engageSimply is a content marketing tech firm. The engageSimply team is from the agency world, so we intimately understand the needs of agencies. We work with agencies and brands because our technology is able to deliver results for clients unlike any other programmatic solution. But we also recognize that content marketing is both art and science so we have robust campaign services to help clients at different points in their digital transformation journey. So if you are an agency or a brand – we are totally invested in your success. And we deliver the technology and expertise to make it all work.

Is it totally automated? Is there account support?

We have mastered integrating the art and science of content marketing. Our technology is able automatically dig deeper, discovering topics, and content of interest that are relevant to your audience and relevant to your brand. But the human element helps inform how content is developed and why different content drives better results. Data informs us. Experience guides us. Technology inspires us.

What is the technology behind Programmatic Plus?

At the heart of Programmatic Plus is a revolutionary approach that transcends the limitations of keyword matching or demographic profiling through a scalable yet high quality contextual engagement platform. The underlying IP is a real time contextual database that continually reflects changing content appetite of prospects who are in their buying cycle.  We then apply this data to our proprietary buying technology which reveals which topics are most leverageable for audiences allowing brands to nurture and outreach to these audiences who are ready to act.

Is your solution scalable enough to reach large audiences?

Yes. Our contextual engine reads and contextually organizes millions of words per minute to discover the hidden relationships between publisher content, user interests, and advertisers. We activate these insights directly in your campaigns to target your highest engaged audiences across ultra-premium mobile, native, video, and display placements. But in the end, we stand behind the quality impression delivery we recognize advertisers need.

Is it a good solution for B2C and B2B?

Our solution is geared for any “demo agnostic” campaigns where demographics are not a productive way to target audiences. Examples of these types of advertisers are B2B marketers, B2C especially in travel, leisure, entertainment and eCommerce.

Can you "white label" your technology?

Yes –we can. If you want to offer programmatic content marketing to your customers – give us a call.

What metrics do you focus on?

Our entire platform is deeply embedded in the principle of outcome based campaigns where brands define recognizable KPI’s that are meaningful. Metrics, on the other hand, are indicators that help us manage the campaign optimization process. We look at engagement metrics such as scrolling and user behaviors as they engage with the brand but we measure success based on client KPIs that resonate with advertisers.

How is Programmatic Plus priced?

Our three part modular solution allows customers to create the exact solution they need:

Part One. Topic discovery and topic brand mapping data solution (Brand Wisdom);
Part Two. Contextual programmatic ad placement
Part Three. An engagement hub network to drive specific conversions and KPIs.

Each module can be purchased independently or as an integrated solution. Plus, we can integrate with a variety analytics tools and platforms so advertisers have a complete perspective.