The unifying principle of ad tech —Control the User Experience (CUE) As an industry, we’ve always taken our cue (pun intended) from customers, striving to engage and nurture them with welcome experiences. This has not changed.

What has changed is our huge leap of understanding about what customers want and how they want to engage with brands. Translating this into a marketing model is tough; requiring masterful process integration between the tech and human aspects of marketing.

The CUE model is a practical roadmap, helping marketers unify fragmented tech into productive processes that lead to unambiguous outcomes.
1. New Audience Generation:  This is about getting net new audiences into the brand funnel as efficiently as possible. Functionally this includes SEM, programmatic media, content development platforms, PR, social and paid media.

2. Inbound Audience Management: These activities are geared toward optimizing a user experience once they start interacting with your brand. Example of activities include inbound marketing automation, web content personalization, email marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

3. Audience Conversion: This is the “show me the money” part of the equation.  Key components here are A/B testing platforms, sales automation, lead qualification/ generation, remarketing and resource allocation modeling.