What does Content Wisdom track? Simply select a plan right for you, semi-annual or yearly here and track one, two or three competitors’ sites. Enter the information and wait for the confirmation email, and you’re done!

Why is it important to track my competitors content? Forewarned is forearmed. Whether you are a small business or Fortune 500 company, you need to know about changes to competitors services, new product offerings or new PR this information can be of immeasurable help planning your company’s ongoing strategy.

Why can I track only three websites? Our research shows that most brands, large or small, have up to three brands in their competitive set that can have a direct effect on their business. We’ve designed Content Wisdom with this in mind, so your brand can focus on your most direct competitors with little or no waste or redundancy.

Can I track more than three websites? If you want to track more than three competitors, please contact us for a custom quote at (need email address), we can accommodate ad many as needed.

Will my competitors know they’re being tracked? No. The tracking is invisible to you competitors.

What does Content Wisdom not track? Content Wisdom only tracks web content, it does not track any social, or offline media.

How do I cancel my account? We’d be sorry to see you go! Canceling your account is fast and easy through a link on the content wisdom website. However, please note that we do not pro-rate refunds.

What are the best websites to track? Content Wisdom was designed to work best with brand-related sites, which are going to be the most likely candidates for competitive tracking. Destinations such news sites are updated too frequently and too much to be useful for completive tracking. If you need to track one of these destinations, contact customer support for advice on how to track only the parts relevant to your business.

When I update or change a URL I’m tracking, how long until it takes effect? Changes or updates in URLs typically take 3-4 business days to be updated and tracked in our system.

Is my data secure? Completely. We take the utmost care in making sure any stored information is safe. We will not sell your information or use any information given to us by you for any marketing purposes without your expressed permission. Period.

How many users can I add to my account? There are no group accounts and no per-seat fees. Anyone in your organization can access the information.

Who has access to my data? Content Wisdom is secure & password protected, only you control who has access to your information.

How often will I get content update alerts?  You will be notified in real time of any changes to the competitive websites being tracked. Please understand that some sites do not update too frequently —so you may not see a lot of updates. Don’t worry, we are still tracking the designated sites in the background.

What form do the alerts come in? You will receive an email outlining any updated information on your competitors.

How often does Content Wisdom check for changes in my competitors content? Daily.

Who do I contact for support issues? Use our contact form at the Content Wisdom website or email us at, with any concerns or feedback.