Built for REAL-TIME updates and insights so you know what your competitors are thinking – right now.

Monitor Competitor Trending Topics. By merging both artificial intelligence and semantic tech, our SaaS platform is able to identify, analyze and classify trending competitor topics through content changes made to their owned website. We then notify you in real-time about all meaningful changes providing you with instant updates on any significant revisions.

Identify & Analyze Competitor Strategic Shifts. Only Content Wisdom gives you critical intelligence on your competitor’s changing priorities by providing you with timelines about which topics are emerging in importance and over what period of time.

We focus just on web site content. That holds the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on a company’s product development, public communication, and evolving brand focus.

Identify & Analyze

• Monitor up to three competitors in real-time

• Explanation of change as it happens

• Categorization of change by topic classification; i.e. news, new product

• Semantic analysis of content to identify macro topics and associated keywords

• “Popularity” assessment of the topic in digital media for trending topic insights

• Calendar view of all changes with trending history of topics

• Personalized dashboard per tracked site for full change history


• Identify topics/strategic shifts

• Track relationships between topics and product initiatives

• Monitor up to three competitors in real-time

• Calendar view of all changes with trending history of topics