Merging the artistry of content marketing with the science of programmatic media
can help advertisers reach the next level, scaling quality engagement among real
audiences. It is not about impressions or algorithms, but the ability to create
meaningful connections between audiences and brands.

Think of mar tech as the process of marketing that is automated by “ad tech.” With this hierarchy, marketers can begin to merge content planning with the programmatic media buying process.
Data is the lifeblood for both content monetization and content/ topic based programmatic buying. The challenges of managing and mining data are not minor but careful attention will directly result in better campaign results.
Move beyond cookie-based and/or predefined “interest categories” to true contextual ad placement where the topics of web pages and ads match.
Programmatic content marketing is a recent and perfect expression of mar-tech in the real world because it takes the process of content marketing and extracts its full potential through technology.