Imagine acquisition campaigns that target 100% of intent-rich audiences from their first search question to their conversion moment.

Imagine a new solution that identifies and verifies the right, real-time intent signals amidst the blizzard of impressions for a new level of marketing acquisition efficiencies.

Why it works: The Internet is a content serving engine that is primed for conversions because audiences learn about new products through their content journeys – from Paid Search to organic results and back again. These topic-engaged Search audiences display the most powerful real-time intent signals with the best opportunity for conversions. OSA lets you reach them anywhere along their topic journey –from Search to Sale.

How it works: This is a revolution in digital acquisition marketing because it is the first and only solution that integrates contextual PPC advertising for lower funnel conversion with AI-driven programmatic media buying to find matching trending topics on web for scalable, quality traction – all in one solution:

• Topic Discovery and Data Planning. We transform branded content, PPC data and industry content into a data layer that identifies the most monetizable topics. OSA leverages PPC activities (either as a managed service or integrated with current SEM activities) to develop a unique programmatic data layer to identify the right topics in programmatic media.

• Pre-campaign acquisition proforma. OSA technology projects number of impressions available per topic and transforms impression estimates into actual number of real people available for acquisition modeling.

• Trending-topic programmatic advertising. Our proprietary programmatic platform and RTI (Real-time Intent) data pinpoints Search audiences in organic media and targets them with topic-based ads that matched their original Search.

• Content-centric predictive model. With enough Search data, topic-based programmatic data and conversion results, OSA can create the predictive topic journey to conversion for targeting efficiencies and cost optimizations.

The advantages:


 Better conversion from real-time intent Search Audiences even as they go on their web content journeys with specific, trending topic ads that reflect their Search interest

Increase ROI efficiency by excluding unqualified impressions and focus on “real-time intent” users who are in the mindset to engage and convert.

Completely transparent, scalable and GDPR compliant so Brands can engage with 1,000 or 1,000,000 real digital prospects, with a clear acquisition cost per person.

OSA acquisition campaigns target 100% of intent-rich audiences from their first search question to their conversion moment.

ORGANIC SEARCH ADVERTISING (OSA) targets audiences that gather around topics —from search to sale. Find out more!