The Joy of Building an Online Community

The Joy of Building an Online Community

The Craft Beer movement includes some of the most loyal and passionate people in the world. It’s about more than just drinking beer; it’s a passion for the experience, the ingredients, the process, and the people that truly make it special. Because craft beer is a huge passion of mine, I was excited about working with the engageSimply team to create an online community dedicated to our love for these amazing brews.

Starting a community like this with no followers could be a challenge, but not when you love what you do. With each article, I fell more in love with the scene and the people of craft beer. EngageSimply is about connecting with people through their passions, and that is definitely what we’re doing on We organize our publishing activity into topics, such as Microbrewing, Beers to Try, Homebrewing, The Science of Suds, and Apps, that reflect different interests and help us communicate with the passionate folks in the craft beer movement.

It’s been fun balancing local New York City area topics, which have been enormously popular among our readers, with broader topics that appeal to anyone anywhere. The internet lets us connect with people who share our passions, wherever they may be, but it also offers great local information. My experience with Beerinit has been no different.

Reaching out on Twitter and other social media networks has been a huge factor in Beerinit’s growth. We have been able to connect with people all over the world, creating a strong community of people who love craft beer. For example, my relationship with our great friends at Regular Guy Brewing in Granite City, Illinois, started from simply retweeting and favoriting tweets, but led to them sharing with me their latest brews on a regular basis. Regular Guy Brewing works out of a garage and they don’t have the most expensive equipment to create their brews, but they do create them from the heart. You can taste that passion and love of the craft with each sip you take.

Brewers are among the most interesting connections I have made through this journey. Connecting with men and women who put their heart and soul into what they create never gets old – they do it for the pure joy of it, and I enjoy spreading the word about these breweries to everyone who follows Beerinit.

Another aspect of the craft beer world that connects passionate beer lovers throughout the world are the many exchange forums and people who want to spread their local beers. Because so many locally run microbreweries don’t ship their beer nationally, it can sometimes be very hard to get your hands on certain beers. But people love sharing their favorite beers, and so the community started the beer exchange, where you can trade beer with people from all over the country.

Beerinit is a community that has a strong passionate following. It has been a huge joy for me to be able to build this community and I look forward to each step I take building Beerinit’s audience and sharing stories about the beer I love with people who care.

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