AUDIENCES COALESCE AROUND TOPICS THAT INTEREST THEM IN THE MOMENT. This is ALSO the best moment where content can engage and convert. Yet the blind CPM digital world makes acquisition marketing very hard.  It’s hard to know which audiences are “real” and in the “right” real-time intent moment to convert.

ENGAGESIMPLY’S PLATFORM IS A BREAKTHROUGH that gives advertisers a unique and AI-powered campaign platform that blends programmatic data for topic-centric scale and targeting of “real” real-time intent digital audiences:


•  EXPANDS THE REACH OF PPC once PPC has been maxed out with a new campaign type that targets 98% of people that did not click on your PPC ad.

•  TRANSFORMS KEYWORDS INTO TOPICS for the ability to target the real audiences who are consuming trending topics in digital media and precisely target the right “2” profiles who exhibited the right real-time signals out of the 1,000 impressions

•  ALLOWS MARKETERS TO “OWN” TRENDING TOPICS IN AGILE PROGRAMMATIC MEDIA with our RTB engine that contextually matches ads to specific web content in real time –beyond keyword matching or static classification powered by AI that understands the context of content in real time.

Where other programmatic technologies are designed to buy blind impressions, our platform is the only on that can re-express CPMs into estimates of real audiences that are available to reach –in the moment, expanding your campaigns reach outside of the conventional limits of PPC.

SCALE & SPEED: Advanced RTB technology is able to process billions of impressions and identify the right impressions while retaining maximum speed

SMART: AI, proprietary algorithms, and BPPs on-demand ad network ensures optimum topic alignment and conversion; a superior approach to static interest classification and taxonomy systems that don’t reflect real-time intent

SIMPLE: BPP dashboard is the only acquisition platform of its kind to deliver a campaign forecast and a real-time campaign analytics that provides visibility and transparency of real audiences that the campaign reached and converted

AGILE: Platform is designed to be easy, agile with only minimum required data to execute diverse acquisition programmatic campaigns.


•  PPC EXPANSION CAMPAIGNS deliver real-time intent Search audiences – the 98% who did not click on PPC ads once they continued their content journey in digital media

•  eMAIL CONTEXTUAL CAMPAIGNS that merge programmatic ads with topic-centric email marketing for excellent engagement and curation

•  CONTEXTUAL RETARGETING CAMPAIGNS that target audiences only on specifically contextually matching pages

•  eCOMMERCE CAMPAIGNS with new forms of topic-based targeting that delivers net new traffic to sites

•  TRENDING NEWS CAMPAIGNS that let advertisers “own the topic”

ENGAGESIMPLY’S AD TECH STACK merges the latest in machine learning, programmatic buying, contextual semantic processing and user verification technologies. What we do is complex so that it is easy for customers to launch acquisition campaigns.


Real-time Programmatic Topic Data creates ‘cohorts’ of potential prospects around monetizable topics

Mindset data, to verifies that digital audiences are “real” and in the right mindset to convert

Eden Contextual Network provides advertisers with new types of contextual ads and rich data for real-time topic consumption


Pinpoint and target 2 out of 1,000 impressions who have demonstrated real-time intent purchase signals through their content consumption behavior.

Programmatic RTB engine  places real-time topic ads on relevant and matching web pages


Technology to detect profiles that make content journeys because bots don’t make content journeys, real people do.

Verifying authenticity of the traffic by its traffic source.

WE’RE REDEFINING DIGITAL ACQUISITION MARKETING through a content-centric tech stack with proprietary data, semantic RTB buying and predictive modeling for highly efficient conversion at scale.

engageSimply’s cutting-edge technology is comprehensive; capable of bringing visibility and actionability to topic trends and leveraging them at lightning speed.

Acquisition marketing has never been simpler.

Let us show you how.